Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Memories...

You cannot notice easily the thing I really want
The rhyme of the sea,the wind, the waves.
It’s my prayer in the stars in the whole sky.

When I want you to be with me, you always doesn’t with me
So in the way right now, I’m only waiting for you

* Summer Memories
Because I like to keep running back throughout with those dreams
The future is far and blurred, but the times alone in the night is too long
The sky above shines

**Summer Memories
If ever I feel sad, I make fake smiles, I’m a box of happiness, a traveler who looks for it found me
Even if I act like an adult, still however my heart is weak
Without you, surely…

Summer Memories

Summer Memories

I felt afraid and cast down my eyes, my cowardice blocked the way up
So I just walked alone in this way, but still

Summer Memories
I should know that such day to come
You’ll flap your beautiful wings towards the sky
Its strange right, while small memories will be one in my heart
Without being able to forget it

Summer Memories
Living through the in memories, a traveler looks for the door of tomorrow, and found me
Even if I get away, how am I here anytime?
Even if I don’t return

Repeat *
Repeat **

Summer Memories
Summer Memories

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