Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nak Baiki Kereta For Free Tak?

"We have launched a new project! This time it is a CSR initiative titled 'The BYO Project', which means if your car has any problem, you can bring it to us together with the parts and we'll fix it for you FOR FREE! Don't worry if you are not too sure about what's wrong with your car, just bring it over on Saturday and we will help you to diagnose the problem.
Look through our BYO flyer as different car problems are scheduled on different days, and appointments need to be made prior.

So, come on over with your car & the parts once you've set an appointment and we will fix it for you at no cost!"

kolej apiz ade wat programe...
so klu korg ade malasah dgn kereta korg..
blh la dtg kt kolej apiz..
btolkn adalah free...
but klu nk tukar brg..
korg kna la bwk brg sendri..
atau boleh bli dkt kolej apiz tnpa sebarang cas tambahan..
for more information..
sila pegi ke THE OTOMOTIF COLLEGE...

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