Thursday, December 29, 2011

ASUS.. why u are so slow...

apiz dh xsabar gila nk tgu lappy bru apiz..
tp asus tu lembab gila...
ye lah..
nk kna tgu hampir sebulan bru blh selesai kot..
sebab dia bru tempah stock baru..
mcm korg dh tau..
apiz ambik ASUS N55SF..
 harga asal dia RM2799..
tp dia bg apiz kurang RM100...
jd cuma RM2699 je lah yg apiz dpt..
tp angka ni masih jauh dri harga lappy asus N43JM apiz..
N43 tu apiz bli RM2366..
jadi RM2699-RM2366=RM333..
RM333 tu lah jumlah yg apiz perlu tambah..
nasib baik ayah apiz bg..
so sbab apiz dh boring sgt..
meroyan xdpt guna lappy..
jom kita tgk review skit sal Notebook Asus N55SF nih..

model N series yg baru ini..
mempunyai bukaan yg lebih besar berbanding N series yg sebelum ini..
klu nk on9 smbil lappy letak kt riba ke ape..
lebih selesa lah..

keyboard dia pulak warna silver..
jadi agak jelas skit bile korg nk menaip dlm susana yg gelap..

cover dia dri material yg berkualiti..
dgn permukaan yg BERKILAT..
sudah tentu apiz akn kumpulkn bebanyak cap jari kt lappy ni..

screen utk model N series yg baru ni..
adalah jenis anti pantulan cahaya..
so klu korg on9 kt tempat yg tera mcm kt luar rumah ke pe..
jgn risau...
sebab korg xde lagi gangguan pantulan cahya yg menyukarkn korg utk tgk imej kt dlm creen tuh..

ini adalah kotak notebook tersebut..

jom kita tgk spec notebook ni...
dgn perbezaan notebook lama apiz..

2nd generation intel i5
15.6 LED HD
nvidia GT 555M 2GB DDR3 VRAM
750GB SATA HDD (7200 RPM)
HD camera
USB 2.0 x2 and USB 3.0 x2
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio
external Subwoofer.

1st generation i5
nvidia GT 435M 1GB DDR3 VRAM
640GB SATA HDD (5400 RPM)
VGA camera
USB 2.0 x2 and USB 3.0 x1
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio

dh nmpk kn..
jauh beza notebook apiz dgn yg bru ni...
klu korg nk tau..
ASUS N55SF yg lama dia pnya HDD cuma 640GB je...
apiz dpt yg bru nye...

model N series ni kelebihan dia terletak kepada system audio dia..
sebab tu N series ni trgolong dlm multimedia notebook..
sesuai dgn slogan di..


jom kita tgk kelebihan audio trbaru dri model N55SF...

Bang & Olufsen ICEpower

The entire electronics design has to be qualified by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower division for it to bare the name. This combines an approved high-quality codec, while underneath the grille are two 32mm speakers which are each attached to an 11W amplifier. These not only increase the amplitude of sound but also the dynamic range too; basically it sounds less like someone talking in a tin-can and more like the real world. In comparison, typical notebooks use just 20mm speakers and a tiny 2W amplifier.

 The perforations on the aluminum grille allow the sound to escape without it looking too much like a speaker, which would obviously be a distracting feature.

The secret behind this notebook’s killer audio is 32mm speakers (around 60% larger than typical notebooks) driving mid and high-end audio and an external subwoofer to fill in the low-end.  But the best thing about having a subwoofer jack on your notebook is that this is probably the first notebook you’ll ever own where you can actually plug in and fully take advantage of your external 5.1 audio system.

SonicMaster Subwoofer

On the side there’s an orange port that is exclusively for the bundled SonicMaster subwoofer. This port separates the low frequency tones for the subwoofer, while the new N series speakers take care of the medium and high ones. Ultimately this creates a full sound experience like no other notebook.
The N-team explained that they co-oped specifically with Microsoft to enable this, as normally plugging in any speakers, headphones or microphone into a laptop will cause Windows to disable the onboard hardware.

lubang kuning utk external subwoofer
The SonicMaster subwoofer is a patented design by the ASUS Sound and Sensitivity lab.
The entire thing is powered by a single cable, so there’s no extra batteries or power cord required. At just 8cm tall and 7cm in diameter, it’s also not much larger than many PC mice making it easy to chuck in your bag and take away with you.
Ideally you have to use it on a hard surface like a desk to deflect the sound, rather than your leg, the bed or the carpet, while its clover-leaf base helps prevent distracting vibrations from transmitting downwards.
The base also pops off to reveal a storage spot for the plug, so the cable doesn’t get damaged in the bottom of your bag or luggage.

subwoofer and N55SF connected up (tgk screen dia.. )
It’s laptop audio you can finally be proud of!

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