Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ayu's Story Fanblog is Officially Closing Down!

so sad...
bile apiz dgr tentang fan blog ayumi (ayu;s story) akn ditutup..
kt sini apiz ade copy keterangan pemilik fan page ni..
kenapa dia nk tutup fan page ni...

Hello everyone! Good Day!Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate it!

Well, just like the title post, I guess that It's time for me to inform you guys that Ayu's Story Fanblog will be officially closed down from now on but no worries, it's not due to what happened with those several file sharing sites closing down LOL and it's also not because My love for Ayu has vanished. I still love her whole-heartedly.

It's definitely been a very hard decision for me to make at first, but then after thinking over and over again, I guess it's really the decision that I had to make in the end.
One of the main reasons is that I'm afraid that I'm unable to manage the fanblog alone anymore due to "real life" activities and also, Soon, I'm going to welcome a new precious member to my little family, So it's going to be a very busy day ahead since then and by having the little one, I think it's going to be really hard for me to keep on updating this fanblog as quickly as possible like I used to be. Several friends have been encouraging me to keep on going with this fanblog even though I still have my own life to think about at the same time, but then, I thought it'll still impossible to keep up my fandom life like in the past few years when I still had lot of free time. Maybe you guys also notice that I've not been updating anything lately and I'm sorry for that m(_ _)m

So, I would like to thank you for all my readers who have been spending your time visiting my fanblog and thank you for making it to have more than 1 million hits. It's really an amazing number! I had never expected that the fanblog would be visited by a lot of people throughout the years. I believe that it's all happened because all the love we have for Ayu and I'm truly happy that I could share anything Ayu-related to all my readers. Also, thanks to all the sources where I got Ayu's information from, specially members of Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai Forum who have been frequently updating news and information and misachanjpopfor news/articles/magazines translations. They are really doing amazingly great job!

Even though the fanblog is closed down, I will be still around to spazz about Ayu sometimes, in Twitter (@iamLGiam) specially, and if any of you are interested to be friends and talk/discuss about Ayu with me, I'll be there =))
So, once again, Thank you everyone for all these years, from 2006-2011, It was really a great opportunity to share with all of you about Ayu. Last but not least, I also would like to sincerely apologize if I ever made any mistakes about the posts or anything.

Thanks for reading this announcement.

Best Regards,

Ayu's Story Admin
Leny Giam (a.k.a AyUmIXx)

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