Monday, January 30, 2012

Ayu's Story is BACK!!

Hello Everyone!!
Good Day!!

After 4 days of the fanblog closing, here's another announcement!
Gosh I feel like I'm trolling you guys, but really I'm not. I'm so sorry again.

m(_ _)m

So anyway, when I read one of your messages about why I don't have somebody to take over my place to keep this fanblog on going, then a friend of mine, Sara (@tasking), an Ayu's fan too, messaged me and she wants to volunteer to keep the fanblog on going. Then, without a second thought, I thought why not. I know it was indeed very unfortunate that I had to close the fanblog the other day where many people love the blog,, Thank You! but now someone is willing to help me and reading you guys' disappointed messages, I feel so bad.

Therefore, Ayu's Story is going to be ALIVE again! YAY!

So stay tuned for the new updates of Ayu's news and information from Ayu's Story and welcome Sara (@tasking) as the new admin of the fanblog. She'll be taking over my place for updating stuff and keep Ayu's Story alive from now on, while I'm just going to be around the corner monitoring as the guardian angel, LOLS.

I'm so sorry for the confusion that I've caused the other day.
Happy visiting again!

Best Regards,

Leny Giam (a.k.a AyUmIXx)

Ayu's Story Admin

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