Monday, January 2, 2012


hai korg...
apiz nk ucapkn Selamat Tahun Baru!!!
kepada semua pembaca!~

ape azam korg utk Tahun Baru ni??
jadi sebab dh tahun baru...
jom kita tutup buku lama..
dan bukak buku baru...
utk tahun baru ni...
apiz ade hadiahkn utk diri sndri..
nk tgu org bg kita hadiah bila lg kn??
nk tau ape yg apiz bli?

1 Million from Paco Robanne!
walaupn hrga dia agak mahal..
tp sekali skale xpe la kn~

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Perfume For Men

It is no surprise that the 1 Million Paco Rabanne is so popular, as it has been produced by experts who have used the most long lasting blends in the making of this timeless Perfume for men. and it includes blends of Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, White Wood, Mint, Patchouli and Amber to name just a few.
The exclusive Paco Rabanne is perfect for men who prefer very masculine fragrances, and you will certainly receive many compliments when you are wearing this manly Eu De Toilette, as the Design House of Paco Rabanne Perfumers have diligently blended the most delicious ingredients to produce this long lasting cologne for men.

ade lg keyh..
bkn tu je..
apiz gak bli...

DKNY Night Be Delicious ni mmg utk perempuan....
apiz ske bau dia yg lembut..
xtrlalu keras..
so blh la apiz gilir2 pakai dgn 1 Million..
harga dia murah sedikit dri 1 million..

DKNY Delicious Night by Donna Karan

DKNY Delicious Night is the latest from Donna Karan, and it takes its apple-shaped bottle design from her popular Be Delicious (2004) and Red Delicious (2006) fragrances. Those of you who share my almost rabid dislike of apple-based perfumes will be happy to hear that despite the bottle, this one isn’t about apple; the rest of you will presumably be disappointed.

There is still plenty of fruit, though. Delicious Night is a floriental “inspired by the sexy buzz of New York City at night”, and it has the notes to match: frozen pomelo, crushed ginger, chilled blackberry martini accord, purple freesia, night-blooming orchids, satin jasmine petals, purple iris, molten amber, incense, myrrh extract, patchouli and velvet vetiver. The opening is a jolt of citrus and blackberry; it is strong, diffusive, extremely sweet, and as promised, ice cold. The crushed ginger makes a brief appearance, and helps to cut all the sugar, but it’s almost gone by the time we get to the floral notes and they are very nearly as sweet as the opening. As is the recent fashion, the whole thing is draped over a darker, drier, but resolutely clean and smooth base (neither the patchouli nor the vetiver are particularly earthy), enlivened here by a smidgen of incense. Still, a good deal of the sweetness lingers on through the dry down. If you adore sweet blackberry, Delicious Night might be perfect for you.

xcukup dgn tu!!!
apiz dpt free 6 Botol pocket perfume jenama silky for men (AURA)
bnyk minyak wangi apiz kn??

Then apiz ade bli gak cream muka utk bila kluar..
apiz bli pn coz sbab apiz nk lindungi kulit dri sinar UV..
cream tu pn ade SPF 17 dgn PA++...
apiz plih jenama GARNIER sebab apiz mmg pakai produk2 dia..
apiz xjmpa lak cream Garnier yg utk lelaki...
ambik je lah...
but pencuci muka apiz mmg pakai GARNIER FOR MEN....
jd ni la dia hadiah apiz utk diri sndri...
now tgu notebook asus apiz je yg xsmpai2 lg!!!!!!!

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