Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to manually update your Nexus 7 to Android 4.2

Apiz bru je update Nexus 7 apiz ke android 4.2.. so jom kita update secara manual klu korg xsabar nk tgu update OTA..

The prerequisites

The process 
  1. Unzip the zip file containing the ADB executables into a folder on your computer. 
  2. Place the update .zip package from Google in the same folder, but do not unzip it. 
  3. On your Nexus 7, go to Settings > Development options and switch the toggle on. Then enable USB debugging under the "Debugging" menu group. 
  4. Power down your Nexus 7 
  5. Start up the bootloader by holding down volume up, volume down and power on your tablet. 
  6. When the menu loads, plug your Nexus 7 into your computer. 
  7. Use the volume up/down keys to navigate to "Recovery mode", then press the power button. 
  8. When the Android with the red exclamation point appears, Press the Volume up+Power button together and you should see a menu come up. 
  9. Use the volume up/down keys to select "apply update from ADB," then press power to select it. 
  10. Open the folder you created Using the command line, navigate to the folder containing the ADB executables and the update file. (cd command) "Shift" + "Right-Click" in the folder then click "open command window here" 
  11. On common windows, type: adb.exe sideload or on Mac, type: ./adb-mac sideload or on Linux, type: ./adb sideload 
  12. The update should begin installing. When it's done, select "reboot system now." 
  13. Enjoy Android 4.2 on your Nexus 7!